Addiction Counselling in Vancouver: Showing the Way to a Fresh Start

When you’ve been dependent on alcohol for so long, it is bound to be difficult to sober up. The good news is that you don’t have to do it on your own. You can get help from family and friends, as well as professionals who can guide you through the recovery process. Most people who realize that they need help and addiction counselling in Vancouver are in a state of confusion and don’t know where to start. You can follow this guide to get started on your treatment and recovery.
Do Some Research on Counselling
It is normal to feel anxious about getting help. Counselling might be a foreign notion to you, so it might help you to read about it. Try to find as much information as you can about counselling and how it works. You can explore treatment options and the benefits of each.


Couples Counselling in Vancouver: Overcoming Relationship Challenges

No relationship is perfect. There are bound to be some bumps along the way that you as a couple should resolve together to strengthen your bond. When your relationship is no longer in the honeymoon phase, there could be huge fights, conflicts, and other relationship problems that may threaten your marriage. Vancouver counselling for couples can help you find answers, communicate better to solve problems, and have a more loving relationship with your spouse.

Constant Arguments
Couples fight; that’s a reality. When neither party can compromise nor see the value of each other’s perspective, the relationship takes a turn for the worse. Some couples fight over the smallest things then fail to remember what triggered their argument in the first place. Couples therapy can help establish healthy communication, thereby avoiding permanent damage to their marriage.

Addiction Counselling in Vancouver: Achieving Emotional Sobriety

Recovering from any type of addiction is hard. While you’re going through changes and withdrawal symptoms, you’ll find that your emotions are harder to control. Physically sobering up is one thing, but often, your feelings won’t mirror this progress. Destructive behavior or negative outbursts could send you right back to substance abuse, and that’s why emotional sobriety is important. Start living a more productive and happy life through addiction counselling in Vancouver, Abbotsford & Langley.

Addiction Counselling and Support
Vancouver addiction counselling experts can give someone in recovery a support network where he or she can share struggles, milestones, and other experiences. Relating to other people going through the same thing as you is a good way to strengthen your resolve, although those who’d rather not take that method can go for individual counselling instead. You can tell your therapist the things you would rather not let disclose to others.

Vancouver Counselling Expert Holds Workshop at 2015 Couples Conference

Vancouver counselling expert and director of The Good Life Therapy Centre Sue Diamond Potts is to co-host a workshop with renowned professional Dr. Ellyn Bader at the 2015 Couples Conference. The workshop, entitled “Addiction and Self-Absorption”, will address two of the most challenging issues in couples therapy. The conference will be held at The Marriot in Manhattan Beach, California from April 24 to 26.

The Couples Conference is an annual event held to help professionals in various fields to increase their clinical effectiveness. The event is open to professionals in health and mental health-related fields. This includes doctoral-level psychologists, physicians, and dentists who are members of professional organizations such as the AMA, APA, ADA, etc. Professionals with health-related graduate degrees from accredited institutions, as well as full-time graduate students in accredited programs, are also encouraged to attend.

Counselling Services in Vancouver Help Couples Resolve Marriage Problems

Some couples may think that Vancouver counselling services in Vancouver are only necessary once they are on the verge of divorce or separation. Yet every relationship is a work in progress, and there are a lot of bumps on the road that any couple can encounter. By going into counselingcounselling, you and your partner can work out the difficulties you face and settle them agreeably before they escalate into larger crises.

Marriages, after all, aren’t always harmonious as conflicts can arise between partners for whatever reason. Some misunderstandings may stem from differences in expectations, world views, and emotional states. Little arguments and resentments can build up if left alone. The key is to be able to understand the root of these problems and how to resolve them without resorting to distancing, violence or abuse.

Counselling Services in Vancouver Can Help Get You through the Bad Times

Although post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often diagnosed in people affected by war, trauma can be caused by other experiences such as domestic violence, child abuse, car accidents, and natural disasters. This condition can severely affect a person’s behavior and his or her relationships with other people. Counselling for Vancouver patients diagnosed with the disorder is important; even talking about one’s traumatic experience can greatly help people dealing with the problems caused by PTSD.

Some people can better cope with trauma than others, but nonetheless suffer from its stressful effects. How, then, do you know that you need counselling? Several factors determine whether an incident is traumatic: that it was unexpected, that you were powerless to stop it, and that you were unprepared are the usual earmarks of a traumatic event. Certain physical and emotional symptoms can be telltale signs. For instance, PTSD sufferers often feel sad and disconnected from other people.

Vancouver Counselling Can Help Couples Avoid Relationship Pitfalls

The high divorce rates in Vancouver nowadays bring the spotlight to the issues that often cause strain or lead to the failure of a marriage. Infidelity, dissatisfaction, communication problems, or loss of physical attraction can all cause couples to reevaluate if a partnership is indeed worth saving. If you have both decided that the marriage is worth keeping, then it’s time to have a fresh, new perspective and start again.

Reflect on the Things that Happened

The first thing that should be done when encountering a rocky patch in your relationship is to determine what went wrong. Did you grow apart because you’re always busy at work or was someone unfaithful? Issues on child rearing, communication problems, and financial woes often lead to a troubled marriage. After reflecting on the events that led to the problems in your relationship, have a talk with your significant other and determine where both of you stand in each other’s life.

Take the First Step to Freedom: Addiction Counselling in Vancouver, BC

Despite the destructive consequences of an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and drugs, Vancouver has an addiction rate of 11%, which is higher than most Canadian cities. Most people initially start to use these substances to relax or to escape reality, but it can quickly turn into an addiction that changes the personality and makes the struggle to cope with real problems harder.

Addiction is the farthest thing from being free; it pulls you in and makes you believe that you can’t live without certain things. If you want to be free from these addicting substances that are taking over your life and separating you from loved ones, you must start working toward an alcohol-free or drug-free life today.

Vancouver Couples Counselling Helps Embattled Spouses Work Things Out

If your reason for seeking divorce is a loss of intimacy, that’s something you can address through couples counselling in Vancouver. There may, after all, be plenty of other issues that interfere with how you and your partner are able to show love and affection. You may be surprised to learn that many of the difficulties can be addressed and healed.

Also keep in mind that the emotional upheavals during divorce don’t end with a court verdict. Estranged couples often spend years trying to cope, even if they appear fine. In addition, divorce can be costly. As such, it may not be wise to rush such a decision. Instead, seek the help of Vancouver counselling experts from a place like The Good Life Therapy Centre to ease the pain and prevent a premature divorce.

Vancouver Counselling Experts Explain the Worst ‘Scars’ are Invisible

“Trauma treatment that involves medication or talk therapy alone, will not accomplish much. For this reason, trauma counselling in Vancouver at a place like The Good Life Therapy Centre involves an integrated mind-body approach that actually resets the brain by releasing fear. A Registered Clinical Counsellor such as James Alexander, a soldier himself who has acquired a Masters Degree in trauma counselling, helps sufferers “”make sense”” of the ordeal while dissipating the accumulated stress within the body.

Trauma is by no means limited to war veterans as it can also be triggered by sexual assault, vehicular accidents, surgical procedures, and dysfunctional family relationships. Any problem that affects your mental wellbeing should be brought to the attention of a Vancouver counselling provider.”